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I just found a great HTPC case.

Nmedia HTPC-8000 Red Wooden Desktop Media Centre Case ATX 1X5.25 4X3.5INT Card Reader No PSU

While not fitting in with the budget build, I think the extra money is worth it in our situation. We have large 1958 Klipschorn speakers and some other old furniture in our HT room. And I think it will be a conversation piece. Has anyone here used or seen this case?

I must apologize to anyone (especially dangtx) that spent time chosing a mobo for me from the original first thread. Not mentioning my soundcard was a real oversight. Sorry!

I'm still wondering if there is any advantage to the suggested Gigabyte mobo over our original Asus considering we will have both video and sound cards?

I still can't tell if a cooler comes with the CPU. It's a 'Retail' box. Does that usually include a cooler as opposed to an OEM box?

Thanks very much for any help.

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