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Smile GTX 470 & Intel Quad i7 950 etc.

Hello !:D

I am about to upgrade my computer this upcoming week and I have read a lot of forums and this is what I came up with:

Processor: Intel Quad core i7 950.
Ram: 1600MHz ddr3 from Crosair.
Motherboard: Socket 1366 Asus.
Graphic card: Geforce GTX 470 1.25GB from Zotac.
Cooler master 932 red
Power supply 650W from Antec.

Haven't bought a new computer/hardware in 5 years.
There is a lot of different views on that graphic card, some people say its not the money worth it and it gets too hot etc. That's why I decided to get that cabinet, since I'll keep upgrade it.

My plan is to make PoV videos with fraps on highest settings with 1920x1200 resolution.
Will this be possible if yes/For how many years?

Regards Zepto.
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