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Let me preface this with the following statement: All of this is personal opinion (like anything to do with headsets) and I care far more about music quality than movies or games. As far as I can tell, headsets that are "optimized for gaming" are just usually sub-par headphones with a cheap mic bolted on... You can always just play around with sliders in your audio control panel if you want to hear too much treble...

My stable:

PC350 (broke a leg... Had to be shot... Enough experience with it though)
5H V2
Siberia V2
Zowie Hammer
Maybe a couple others I'm forgetting, but these are the relevant ones.

My personal favourite at this time is the Steelseries 7H. It's not quite as good as my HD 555 in terms of sound quality or comfort, but it's bloody close and comes with a retractable mic. Also doesn't bother other people in the room if I'm listening to music or gaming loud.

Carcharias - So comfy. I use these at work. IMO unsuitable for music at that price point, but so comfy. Did I mention comfy?

HS1 - USB? I gave the same feedback to Corsair. While the USB powered amp and chipset are probably better than onboard, they sure as HELL aren't better than any dedicated sound card... Poor HS1 has broken ankles before the race even starts...

HD555 - Still my fav for listening to music, but open is a bit of a disadvantage for reasons listed with the 7H

PC350 - Ew. I hated these. My fiance loved them (cat destroyed them) because she could wear them comfortably with her glasses and weird shaped ears (sorry hun if you're reading this). They were comfy enough, but the boom mic is basically like having a carpentry pencil strapped to your head, and they sound just TERRIBLE for anything imo.

Siberia V2 - Similar to Carcharias. Still lying around, but not in use for the moment...

Another thing to bear in mind is that I test all headsets/headphones plugged into my Onkyo TX-SR605, so I have no idea what some of them sound like on onboard or non-amplified sound cards. Some have been used with random onboard or an Auzentech X-Mystique, but not all.
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