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The idea that a good anti-malware program like malwarebytes is NOT needed because "most of the better AV will include those in their signature databases" is laughable. AV's are great at catching VIRUS' but out and out suck at malware. They are getting better but they are nowhere close to being to the point where you can get the equivalent of malwarebytes (or to a lesser extent SAS) in a "all in one" AV program. AV programs are just too slow at updates compared to once an hour updates mbytes has.

IMHO It is better to run free AV and pay the one time fee for Malwarebytes than it is to pay for an AV program and rely solely on it. IMHO avira personal + full version malwarebytes is a damn good combo and I have yet to see any issue crop up from using them together. I have yet to see any issue crop up from MS essentials + malwarebytes (another decent combo) and I have yet to see any issue crop up with NOD32+ malwarebytes (also a very good combo).

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