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Generally no. All full featured AV programs scans "on access", i.e., whenever you access a file it's automatically scanned. So if you have 2+ AV running at the same time they'll get in the way of each other. Many AVs will not install if it detect another AV is already present.

Exception is with "on demand" only AV programs such as Malwarebytes that are not automatically loaded and will only scan files on demand. But in such capacity they function more as "cleaner" than as "protection".

There are stuff out there such as HIDS that may augment AV protection, however, if you are thinking of "specialised" scanners such as anti-trojans/adware/spywares, they're not really needed anymore since most of the better AV will include those in their signature databases. If you have something in mind Let me know what your needs are and maybe I can offer a couple of suggestions.
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