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You're welcome mate, it's a pleasure to help

I suggested the HX over the TX line due to it been a modular unit vs the non-modular TX. It makes cable management a breeze (especially if your doing it yourself) and allows for better airflow due to less cable clutter. Generally speaking, you could do a good cable management job with a non-modular unit, it just takes some extra time & effort though.

Another thing to get would be a 2nd fan for the CM Hyper 212+ for more heatsink cooling and you could also pick up some extra fans for the case too.

As for getting ncix to build it, that's up to you, but you'd get more geek points for doing it yourself If you do build it yourself, there is a worklog section here on the forums so you take pics and show us the progress and completed build

Otherwise everything else looks great
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