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This is my second EK Multioption reservoir that has leaked. I took out the reservoir and cleaned it; the O-ring is in good shape and so is the rest of the bottom. I made sure the bottom was tightened a bit more than before. No leaks so far, but rember the leak occured after several days of running prime95. It has something to do with the heat and pressure build up under load. I am scared to hell to try this reservoir again even tho it has passed another 12 hours of leak test. Something else that bothers me; the water level in the reservoir has fallen quite a bit in the 12 hours of testing. As the air bleeds out of the loop, the coolant level should fall abit but not 2 cm. I am using UV blue coolant so if it leaks I would see it on the paper towl. I just don't know what to do
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