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Originally Posted by trayton View Post
I made a huge booboo and didn't backup a persons documents (mostly pictures that are the most important) on their machine (friend of family) I don't know what I was thinking as I'm much smarter then this.

Anyway they had a FAT32 Windows XP Install previously I do believe (maybe NTFS not sure).

Anyway I installed Windows 7 on their machine and figured I could recover it after (since it was virused to hell and I didn't want to hook it to my machine to backup).

Anyway now I've tried a few different programs (including recuva) and am having no luck locating their pictures on this drive. Any ideas folks it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. I won't be making this mistake again (already went out and got a slow p4 machine for work purposes of backing up other peoples stuff and just reloading this crap machine if need be).
Did you install Windows 7 straight to the old drive or on a separate partition or drive? If you installed to the same drive you may be SOL as you might have overwritten the documents folder. I would yank the drive, put it in another machine to prevent any further overwriting and search for the files using UndeletePlus. It's free (demo version) and can be had here:

Thank you for downloading UndeletePlus from

It works great on formatted drives, don't think it will work though if you deleted the original drives partition(s) prior to the win 7 install.
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