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My System Specs


If it can run rock stable at those settings it can handle anything you throw at it and below.

not necessarily

i've runned 20pass of linx back in the days i was still believing and crashed while playing cod4, that's when i lost faith

[quote]I am sure many can get away with running games on an unstable system as most gaming does not stress the computer heavily [/quote]

you'd be surprise, of course i'm talking the games i'm playing cod4-5/bfbc2/dirt2/f2010
they don't load your cpu @ 100% load but they requires stability, and that is cpu/ram/gpu at the same time(because yes i run with all 3 OCed). I never been able to play one of those games more than an hour or 2 when not stable.

encoding a bluray in h264 for 10-20hours ~100% load demands stabilty, cpu AND ram.(this is usually my final test)

I agree that stressing is not fun as gaming or video encoding but you can always run the test overnight.
yes using linx/p95 does work but i think it's faster with my tools than letting my comp running overnight only to wake up on a BSOD. (when did it happen? what was the cause?...who knows i was sleeping) How many trial and errors can you make that way...1 by day? jeez talk about inefficiency

temperature concern is a thing i'm not used too anymore because i use watercooling only, my days of air overclocking are well behind me. With a good watercooling system you will hit a virtual wall before being limited by temperature.

another good way to test stability without "wasting" cycles is to fold , try it on an unstable system you'll see bsod and errors showing up soon enough, no need to wait overnight.
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