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My System Specs


Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Uh yeah......if your relying on LinX only for "solid stable" minimum 300 minutes (not passes) and Max Memory "All" enabled

Sorry, but 20 passes of LinX aint solid stable in my books ( a good quick indicator that you're on the right track is all that will show).......let it run P95 Small FFT and Blend each for minimum of 8 hrs, if you get through that your golden ;) (or Fold)

I wasn't wondering if your GPU OC was stable at all (could care less), but a highly OC'd GPU will generally effect the ability to "stabilize" an OC'd CPU......generally requires tweaking IOH vCore etc.....

Also.....why you running such a high OC with your 480 on a 19" Viewsonic monitor...pointless really....Stock speeds vs your OC speeds won't produce any better results gaming...only more heat

Just trying to help you out Bud
I mostly play on my 46 in" tv at 1920 by 1080, plus the overclock doesn't create that much more heat, only a couple degrees. Max temps are between 75 c and 80 c with MSI Kombustor. So heat on the GPU isn't a huge issue for me.
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