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My System Specs


Damn this thing, I thought I'd see if I can make it crash easily by dropping some of the things,

I put my NB frequency down from 2448 to 2176, and dropped my NB CPU VID Control back to normal.

Booted up fine.

So I dropped my NB Voltage control from 1.15(Normal) down to 0.95(minimum) as this should have an effect on the stability, cause people say to increase it with higher RAM and Bus speeds, but it won't crash? Boots up fine and keeps running. So this can't be effecting stability when I bump the bus speed up a little.

oh... bahahaha, I see what glitch it caused by dropping down my NB control voltage, it dropped at least one of my CPU multipliers down to 4. Rest still reading at OC level.

Just want to figure where my weak link is darnit, now I put NB voltage control back to normal, and I dropped my CPU NB VID Control to -0.050 and see if that makes me unable to boot, boot no prob, doesn't crash on stress. Cpu runs cooler...

7:26pm update, looks like the memory is the issue I need to pay more attention to and figure out. After a certain bus speed regardless of timings or voltage, the memory keeps me from booting. After I went past 275 I dropped the ram one multi, and it booted, but still unstable. Then I went in and set the ram to where "about" it should be for the lower speed. and it seems more stable, but will need more work.
In trying to find the weak spot I tried to just crank all the voltages, but it didn't do anything. So the ram will take some work. Thanks to the suggestion from Wilson

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