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My System Specs


Could it be the chip itself, or just the mobo holding back the bus speed? or maybe I've just hit the boards top end bus speed wise. Seems odd to me to hit the boards top bus speed with no voltage increase and no matter what I do does it want to go higher.

I was hoping to run stuff on the slower side, then figure out what my CPU can do. What I used to do on Core2 systems, max out the FSB and memory, then up the CPU multiplier and the Vcore.

Wilson. When you mention the memory at 1450Mhz are you thinking maybe its a little on the high side, so maybe its holding back my NB?

Thx much for the input! :-)

CPU-NB Link voltage,
sorry I been getting confused a lot lately, cause I guess different boards use diff terms for the same things. And I'm not familiar with AMD too much

Are you referring to HT Link Voltage Control?
Or CPU NB VID Control?

Thanks for any help!

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