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My System Specs

Default 890FXA-UD5 & 1055T Overclocking help appreciated :-)

Well, I recently picked up a used 890FXA-UD5 Rev 2.0 board, and a X6 1055T. The ram I picked up was some OCZ 2X2GB ddr3-1600Mhz OCZ3G1600LV4GK

I haven't had an AMD system since an Athlon XP 2400

With these Phenom 2 6 core chips its taken me some getting used to. But At the moment I am unsure if I am just adjusting something wrong. Or I've just possibly reached the limit of my board. I've tried various BIOS revisions. Adjusting frequncies lower, or higher with the multipliers. But I can't seem to get this board to hold solid above 272Mhz, giving me a total of 3.8Ghz. I believe I've disabled the appropriate power saving features etc.

I've taken some screenshots while I'm testing, as well as took some pictures to show what I've adjusted to get to this speed.

The ram I've just left on auto timings-wise. As since I was playing around with timings etc, I was unsure if my adjustments in that area were adding instability. For now they seem to be running fine at about 1450Mhz at around 1.5-1.52 at the timings you see on the CPUZ screen.

Also unsure about my HD set up, I've never used SSD's and been awhile since I set up a raid-0 array on a gigabyte board.

Things I am unsure about. I've read the CPU NB VID control will help when you push the NB Frequency higher. In my case that being at 2448Mhz. Is there any real benefit to having this a little higher. As when I had the multiplier to this one down, so it was the same at the HT Link Frequency, the CPU NB VID control was able to run at NORMAL, I've had to increase it slightly to maintain stability.

I've noticed according to different programs, Coretemp, speedfan etc. The Cores "look" like they are running fairly cool. But if you compare the temp to the CPU temp sensor on the motherboard. The cores are reading like 10-12C cooler? I read somewhere that some of these were made, they read cooler than they actually are. So I've been basing my max on the motherboard CPU temp sensor.

The BASE CLOCK, what CPU-Z shows as BUS speed, (which looks similar to FSB on intel) I seem to top out at 272Mhz, I've tried various things, but still unsure what voltage to adjust to try and get this more stable. I've tried lowering the NB frequency, and the HT link Frequency and keeping them around 2000Mhz, so stock basically, and even lowering the CPU multiplier as well, so the only thing I was increasing was the baseclock. But it seems to go solid up to 270-272, then goes unstable, no matter what I touch. Any tips on this appreciated!

RAID set up. They are just budget drives. So I thought I'd post my results, cause when I do the HD tach, seems to fluctuate a bit, but has a nice average score. Is this normal? I think I went with 64 stripe, it defaulted to that. Higher or lower be better?

I tried my everest ultimate edition on here I had bought the key for, but it doesn't recognize my board? It kind of runs, but... do certain things, it will freeze the system.

Any help from you guys always appreciated thanks much!!

My total system consists of

CASE - Coolermaster Haf 932, PSU currently mounted at top, soon to be bottom to help give a little better aiflow.

Motherboard - Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 Rev 2.0 (BIOS F2, I've tried all of them. F1-F5)

CPU - X6 1055T(seems to have a VID of 1.3)

CPU heatsink - Thermalright Ultra 120 Black edition(MX-2 thermal paste)

OCZ Gold 2 X 2GB DDR3-1600Mhz OCZ3G1600LV4G 8-8-8-24 @ 1.65 V

Video Cards - 2 X Powercolor HD 5850's

PSU - Corsair HX 1000W

O/S HD's - 2 X 64GB Kingston SSD's SNV425-S2/64GB

I must say I always like to share my results and everything I've done to get there. I see sharing knowledge is great, helps others, and then others chime in and help me What I see this forum as being about!
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