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This is starting to look a bit more sketch than before...perhaps NV IS going to release their new card!

I wonder if it's literally going to be a 480 with the balls still intact, or maybe they're doing the kind-of stupid naming scheme like ATI did and make a new generation based off relatively mid range cards? If there's no stock at NCIX and EVGA's only handing out TR's, how much longer theoretically 'till the release? If the card is indeed a 480 with the nuts intact, will it be the same price as 480 while 480 price drops, or more expensive, or what?

@NorthWolfe - The 480's a solid, solid card. Unfortunately, now that I can technically buy two 470's for the price of 1 480, it's a bit out of place. The GTX 460 will have to have prices dropped on it to give back the previous value it had. $200 for a card the beats the 465 and comes close to the 470 in some cases...Excellent.

Edit: Wait..GTX580 is apparently GF110, which is evolution of GF104 and technically not a 480 with balls still intact. Derp...
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