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As I see it, with the new MSI GTX460 / eVGA GTX460 (high-end OC'd cards), the GTX470 just becomes irrelevant (not to mention the GTX465 fiasco). This is very good for the customer, specially people like myself:
- GTX 470 pricing will fall to about ~220/250, permitting affordable SLI + Physics (I use a GTX 280 for this). So, you have a card that performs better then the AMD 6870, retails for about the same price, is now maturing (third party cooling), scales better, and can do 3xSLI or 4XSLI (if you have the Mobo for that). Neither the GTX460, nor the AMD 68XX, can do this - so the GTX 470, all of a sudden starts to look pretty good.
Besides, nVidia cards display better IMO, then their AMD counterparts. This is subjective, but that's what is missing from current reviews - the subjective element. As a store owner I can tell you that most people, seeing exactly the same image, on two Monitors of the same built/model, always say the one with the nvidia card looks much better the AMD one (they don't know which is which, but I do). This happens even when the FPS of nvidia are lower then the FPS of AMD (think too many reviews, today, really too much on graphs).
The question now is, will nvidia permit the GTX470 cannibalizing the GTX460 market; or are more price cuts on the way for the 460?
- GTX480 Is just now maturing, with the release of MSI's latest card, so nvidia can afford to wait-out November before releasing the GF110...but can't hold out for much more time, maybe mid December.
For the end-user it's a win/win situation. For nvidia, it's make-or-break. They can't afford another high-end card that takes half a year, or more (GTX470/480), to mature. They need to hit-the-ball-out-of-the-park Card, both with Drivers and hardware efficiency. The best course I see, if nvidia is to survive, is for it to give it's partners total freedom at redesigning the GPU - from the go, and not have to stick with the, usually, ridiculous stock-cooling solutions.
Nvidia is facing a life-or-death situation. I hope they make it thew, first because their Cards display so much better, and DX11 is an irrelevant technology; but mainly because this war keeps the GPU's evolving, the prices reasonable, and nobody wants a one-card maker monopoly. Maybe it's time for Intel to step up to the plate, and put AMD in it's place...Nvidia going bust, a possibility, would probably make this happen.
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