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up (up)


1. from a lower to a higher place; away from or out of the ground
2. in or on a higher position or level; off the ground, or from a position below to one at the surface of the earth or water
3. in a direction or place thought of as higher or above
4. above the horizon
5. to a later period: from childhood up
6. to a higher or better condition or station
7. to a higher amount, greater degree, etc.: with prices going up
1. in or into a standing or upright position
2. out of bed
9. in or into existence, action, view, evidence, consideration, etc.: to bring a matter up
10. into an excited or troubled state: to get worked up
11. aside; away; by: lay up grain for the winter
12. so as to be even with in space, time, degree, etc.: keep up with the times
13. to the point of completeness; entirely; thoroughly: eat up the pie
14. so as to stop: to rein up a horse
15. ☆ Baseball to one's turn at batting; at bat
16. Naut. to windward: put up the helm
17. Sports, Games ahead of an opponent with reference to the number of points, goals, strokes, etc.
18. ☆ Informal served without ice cubes; not on the rocks: said of a cocktail
19. used with verbs:
1. to form idiomatic combinations with a meaning different from the meaning of the simple verbs: look up this word; he didn't turn up
2. as an intensive: dress up, eat up, clean up
3. as a virtually meaningless element added, esp. informally, to almost any verb: light up a cigarette, write up a story

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