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^ I read this and I was like OH SHI~

If this thing is due for the end of the year, all I have to say is that it's about time NV had the balls. DON'T BE A PUSSY; CRANK YOUR FANS, IT'LL WORK!

Fingers crossed for this release, but definitely not putting all my eggs in this basket. I'd love to see how it works though. My 480 still has some lag problems in JC2 with everything maxed, mainly in heavily forested areas. Extra CUDA cores are appealing...

I also wonder what NV's gonna do about the price of the 480 still hovering at ~$500 even though the 470 is now $260. Release an in-between card? Drop the 480's price? Release 580 to fill gap where 480 once stood? Why would they call it the 580 and not the 485 or 490? Or even the 680, since they decided to jump by 2 rather than 1 in their naming scheme...Why did they decide to release 3-series as low-end cards anyway?

One thing I've been curious about is that ATI's 5870 is 11", GTX480 is still packed into the same 10.5" frame we've been seeing for awhile now. I wouldn't mind if the GTX 480 were a bit longer if it means better/quieter cooling, less heat. You know, for the people who love to jump on the whole "HEAT/POWER CONSUMPTION" argument.
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