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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CroSsFiRe2009 View Post
Not related to the TJ07 but maybe make a custom shroud for your gpu? As for the case itself, maybe a blowhole that opens up as the case gets hotter?
hmmm, the shroud might be an idea. just need to get some modding mesh ;)
Blowhole might be a bit more difficult to execute lol.

I actually sourced a really cheap CPU loop, so its gonna end up being a bit of a wc/air build.
I have a few plans, mosty aesthetic, but we'll see how she'll go.

Going through a few more ideas for the front panel,
Going to start a work log when i get some of the ideas ironed out.

I might take some little parts from my stacker build, like recessed/diffused lighting etc.... unless i can crack Charles' idea for the lit midplate, or get my hands on one..

If anyone has any murdermod parts, and are willing to sell, let me know..

As for the color scheme, primarily the sleeving.
I'm thinking of a few:



Black/Light blue

Grey/Light blue

White/Dark blue

what do you guys think?

I'm going to use clear tubing and blue fluid for the CPU loop, as well as potentially painting the shrouds of my 460's or creating and painting mesh shrouds, color depending on the dominant color.
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