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Well, I got my new eVGA rev A1 motherboard this week along with a brand spanking new Qx6700, 4G OCZ PC6400 Platinum XTC (4-4-4-15), Tuniq Tower, eVGA 8800GTX (to compliment my MSI 8800GTX) and Silverstone 1000W power supply.

So, here is a little log of what I did:
First Installed XP64 at stock settings. No problems.

Second, everything stock I upped the multiplier a few notches to see how far it would boot into Windows (XP64) with everything stock. I got the multiplier to X13 giving 266X13=3458. Here I was able to boot and use windows no problem. At 266*14 it would boot but freeze at some point. This was all with auto voltages and the stock Intel cooler.

Next I installed my Tuniq Tower and started fooling around with the FSB.

Several people were saying that they can get to 400Mhz or even 450 MHz with 8x multi's. Well the highest FSB I got was 350 with a 10x multi. This is stable for most things but if I run prime 95 on all 4 cores, two cores give errors after a few hours. This is with default auto volts.
I then tried upping the voiltage on the CPU to 1.47. This resulted in an actual voltage of 1.4 at idle but 1.39 at load. I could game with this no problem. However the 2 cores still died after a few hours with prime 95 but the heat was tremendous. I hit 90C on 2 cores! So I am sure that given I had water cooling I could go much higher. I have even booted into WIndows at 4Ghz.

I have finally settled on 3.4GHz (340FSBx10) which is 12 hours prime95 stable hitting a maximum temperature of 83C (meaured with Coretemp).
Don't be too concerned with the temperatures...Ok 90 is excessive, but 80C is OK since you are still below the temperature at which the CPU throttles and most of the time for gaming you would hit around 55-60C.

So, I've done ome benchmarks and SuperPi 1M for example gives about 0.3 seconds longer than the guys with the 400 MHz FSb, hardly something to concern myself with.

3DMark06, 17400

All in all, it was a good buy.!
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