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From Engadget:


What's this, a bit of intrigue from NVIDIA? The company is due for a refresh on its DirectX 11 line and, with AMD's Cayman series floating its way to availability on crystal-clear waters, the competition appears to be teasing its response. NVIDIA briefly listed a card called the GTX 580 on its System Requirements page and, while we don't know how long it was there, it was quickly pulled after news of its presence started making the rounds. Accidental addition or the intentional planting of a seed of doubt in the minds of AMD fans? We'll never know, and we don't know the details of the card either, but expectations are that it contains 40nm construction with 512 CUDA cores, 2GB of GDDR5 memory, and a due date before the end of the year. That should give you plenty of time to upgrade your power supply... again.
Source: NVIDIA lists unannounced GTX 580 graphics card on its page, quickly puts it back in hiding -- Engadget
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