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My System Specs


Originally Posted by benchMark View Post
Great review but your site still isn't working on my iPhone Touch. You mentioned you were working on it on Oct.17. Can you really afford to give up the hits from 120 million iPhone, Touch and Pad users? Perhaps you could just remove the code that checks for an iPhone browser so they can view it like they were meant to. Instead of only 1 paragraph of black and white text.
I agree I hate the iPhone mobile site. It is useless and should have a link to go back to full site.

As far as these cards go not too impressed till you look at price. Still waiting for AMD to counter the GTX 480 so they could lower the prices and maybe I would get a 3rd 480. The 6970 is what is going to be interesting for me. Not this medium stuff .

No need to upgrade anyways. Don't know why people with 5870's are looking to upgrade as you would loose performance.

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