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Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
I'd really like to have a testing session to compare HS1 vs the Senn 350's vs the G35s =P

Been there done that. I have all three.

Music: G35s by a hair over the HS1s (personal pref only, other might prefer the HS1s sound signature more). PC350s are useless here.
Movies: HS1 by a narrow margin over the G35s. HS1 just makes for a better experience. PC350s once again blow chunks.
Games: HS1 by a wide margin over either. Ability to tweak each "virtual" speakers "output" AND balance the low/mids/highs via the software makes them a winner. PC350s are decent. G35s are also decent, but their software is outdated and you need to move up to the G930s to get the features the HS1s come with (and yes I have a pair of G930s too). :)

In other words the PC350s blow chunks at most things but are OK for games. The g35s are decent and the HS1 are very decent. BUT I would take a pair of HD555s over any of them..and buy a clip on mic IF I need that feature. :)
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