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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Usually I get about 10 days with a card. Here is what I got this time:

Reference cards: 4 days
XFX: 3 days
ASUS: 3 days
Sapphire: 6 hours

If you must know.

Add to that the fact that I won't sacrifice my 9-5 job for a review and there you have it.
Like I said, i really wasnt trying to be rude. Just wanted to know why these cards weren't OC'd vs almost every other card ever. Maybe including a clause of something to the above in the review would help others asking the same questions?

I really need to return this tinfoil hat I guess. Technix and I are talking too much nowadays, he must be wearing off on me
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I'm a self certified whizbang repair technician with 20 years of professional bullshit so I don't know what I'm talking about
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