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Default Want to do something new with TJ07...

I've seen a plethora of watercooled TJ07's so its difficult to really do something different when the basic layout has already been set. I was originally planning on doing the same thing. Rad's at the bottom etc... but financial restraints have limited my ability to do such a thing. Personally, and this is not very Xtreme, but as a student, I cannot justify spending $700 on a bad ass WC loop for my AM3, 460sli setup.

So, my option is try to create and innovate a bad-ass Air cooled TJ07. And its left me thinking, 'What would Charles do?'

I already have an H50, and have de-shouded the GTX 460's but there should be more madness. I'm thinking a custom high air flow front panel, and various other mods.

However, if you had no other choice but to air cool a TJ07, what would you do?
What Heatsink would you choose?
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