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My System Specs


I talk on the crapper all the time. For some reason when ever I take a dump someone is going to call me. They do call it the iPood for a reason. I check the news usually or just check failblog or something on the can.

This is my case for the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 Defender Series Case //

I absolutely love it. It is a bit bulky but just slightly thicker than my dad's black berry so it still fits in my pockets comfortably unless I am wearing skinny jeans.

Also why do people have the phone on a holster? Why not just in your pocket. It is far more protected in your pocket. My dad has his phone in a holster and sometimes it falls out without him knowing and they a minute later he hast to go searching for it. Just seems like the dumbest thing ever but I don't know why people do it.

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