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Alright, I'm hoping my build shows up here at the bottom now that I've finally filled out my information.

Installed Win 7 on both hard drives, still having the same issue.

The computer is completely stable in BIOS...

CPU temp is stable @ 25 C
Computer temp is stable @ 31 C

I have minimal time to check the eventvwr as within 2-5 minutes the all cores have maxed out on the CPU. All drivers have been updated to their newest version.

I should also note that I'm using the coolermaster $30 joby as the heatsink, which seems to be working fine. Used thermal paste and all that good stuff.

Its crucial that I determine if it is in fact a hardware issue (which it seems to be) as I've now had the parts for nearly a month (I was away at sea for 2 weeks and wasn't using it).
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