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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
Can you give us a comparison though? What else have you tried? and what do you use them for?
and like many past USB headphone discussions, how much did it slow your cpu by? noticable?
i have had sennheiser pc350's, Razer Carcharias, Logitech g35's, i like the hs1's a lot, they blow the pc350s out the water. Its sound is better, but not as boomy as some other headsets i have tried. Way more comfortable, carcharias is close to the comfort but not as soft. The g35's were great and i highly reccomend them as well, they have a different sound profile, louder, more bassy. Going to hs1 from them took some adjustment as they sounded so different. Sounds seem to be more up front with the hs1, not as drowned out with bass. I use them mainly for gaming, or watching movies/tv on my pc. I dont listen to music much, but i heard they sound pretty good in that too. The 5.1 is really good, adds a lot of livelyness to any soundstream. I havnt noticed any change in speed, but i have a pretty fast system, i7, sli 480s. I prefered the volume wheel the g35 had rather than the volume up down buttons on the hs1. the hs1 also has the feature that the cups swivel flat and can fold up for storage. Good for if you are travelling, but i would have liked to have them locked in position for when you are not, they kinda swivel all over till you put them on, then they are solid.

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