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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
PC350s are probably one of the most over-rated over-PRICED sennys out there. I loathed the pair I had. Crappy, muddy AND anemic bass, overly forward mids (to the point they are almost a caricature) and crappy brittle highs. But then again I expect my audio solutions to do more than just play FPS game audio decently. :)
Agreed. I've drilled out my own 350's cups, which does wonders for the bass response, but I'd never use them for music. I've actually gotten compliments from other online players regarding the microphone's clarity, which is something you'd expect Senn to get right. They also have excellent isolation if you'd like to ignore the outside world and focus 100% on what's coming through the headphones. For $100, and if you're using something better than onboard sound, the 350's are certainly worth considering.
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