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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
There will never be enough 'concrete' proof to support either claim.

This is typical of both companies.
Which is why I wish Intel wOuldn't have shelved there Discrete Graphics solutions.
A third *blue* competitor would have just been perfect.

Agreed. I was looking forward to larabee to see how it would change the graphics landscape.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Come on. This is a PRE RELEASE benchmark. Expect it to be bug free? Especially from Ubisoft?
Ubisoft has issues with how they implemented DX11 tesselation. The Radeon HD5XXX and HD6XXX series are fully DX11 compliant. This bug should equally affect NV and AMD. AMD has show Ubisoft how to fix the problem, and the developer who recieves nice checks from NV has chosen not to implement the fixes. That is quite the series of unfortunate events for AMD.

Where is HC's copy of this email? It's sitting in someone's inbox. >>> Looking at you SKYMTL since you do have your "high level" talks with nVidia about future products and such (refering to GTX 580 thread).
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