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Originally Posted by encorp View Post
I've dropped almost every phone I've owned in the toilet.

Why? Because when I take a shit, I use that as the time to call anyone I need to call.

I'm usually too touch and go to be able to have the time during the day to sit down and make phone calls - so I do it while I crap. Thats just how I do it, ok? :P

That being said: Next time you drop your phone in the toilet - just remove the battery as fast as you can, that will stop it from being ruined by liquid.
1. Talking on the phone while doing your business is disrespectful IMO. If your lady friends don't mind, good for you, but I couldn't bare talking to someone playing ass trumpet

2. Unless you have Philips screwdrivers, suction cups, and a whack load of other tool, taking an iPhone battery out is no easy feat :(

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