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Default iPhone resiliency ...!

So I dropped my iPhone 3GS in a toilet, by mistake, for about 15 seconds - don't ask how.

Immediately after fishing it out, I wiped it down and tried to turn it off. The thing just wouldn't respond.

I was in a rush - we were going out to the movie theater - so I left it "on" and put it on the kitchen table.

After the movie, The Town which is excellent by the way, we came back home to find my iPhone stuck at the login screen. A few buttons pushes here and there, and finally the unit turned off... and back on again, by itself.

I kept getting weird pop-ups like "this unit cannot be charged" and "this peripheral is not compatible with this unit" so I thought for sure this thing was a goner and rapidly made peace with it, entertaining the idea of buying an iPhone4.

I decided to do a "settings reset", the type that doesn't wipe data and media... and it's been working flawlessly ever since.

I guess I have to hold off buying the iPhone 4 a little longer

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