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My System Specs


Gotcha. I was kinda taking the same train of thought so far as porting goes; I figured that if I build with ports, I can always stuff them full if I don't like the sound. I didn't know about the phase difference, however, but I'm not sure it will be a huge deal with surrounds...again, though, I can always go for the trial and error solution.

Thanks as well for the info on lining a ported box; that's what I was working toward--I wasn't sure how one could fill the speaker, if you have a port to worry about.

To answer your question, and clarify my thoughts, I'm unsure where to locate the port itself. I've got the basic design for the MT, upon which I've based my own boxes, but none of the designs I've seen actually show the port. There certainly isn't room to locate it in the front, as I would with a sub, so do I put it in the back, above where I locate the binding posts? I get the feeling putting it under the posts (and thus straight across from the woofer) could be a mistake.

Thanks again,


EDIT: Oh, and sorry if it seems like I'm sometimes hijacking your thread; it isn't intentional--I just get excited <laugh>
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