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Default Thermalright Venomous-X Height an issue ?

From the review :
* Size (LxWxH): 125x158x160mm
I'm planning on buying the Cosmos-S (which seems to me like the biggest baddest boy in town),
but in the cosmos specs I read this :

Other : Keep-out requirement for CPU cooler installation:,
At least 5.7 inch(145mm) separation between motherboard and the side panel of COSMOS S
A. Wtf is a "keep-out requirement" ? Am I translating this right when I take it the the cooler should be installed before inserting the mobo ? (`duh?!)

B. Will the Thermalright Venomous-X even fit inside the case ?! It will come as a shock to me if it won't since this is one of the biggest cases I've seen, although I do understand that the built in side fan takes up space.

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