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Originally Posted by Stock View Post
I personally own a Razer Carcharias and a Senheisser PC151. Between the two, the Carcharias is 10 times more comfortable (I have glasses too btw), and I can use them for 4 hour+ sessions of gaming + Ventrilo. The microphone between the two are pretty equal and I haven't known anyone whose been able to distinguish the difference between them when I talk. It pretty much sounds as clear and concise on vent as anyone wants. In terms of listening to music and watching videos between the two, I prefer the Sen's. The Carcharias' sound too muddy in comparison with regards to the mids/bass for me unfortunately.

Something that you've also probably noted...the 555's don't have an attached mic so you'd have to get a clip on. If you like to game and listen to music at the same time while communicating with your teammates on vent, they might not appreciate the background noise. :) It might just make more sense for you to pick up a headset.

Edit: I've been using both headsets for over a year, at what I'd consider to be moderate-heavy use (4 hours+ a day). Both are still in impeccable condition.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Razer Carcharias about double the price of the Sen 151's?
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