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Default best GAMING headset ?

Hi guys, so I've looked through and through all the different threads about the Razer Megalodon , Sennheiser 555/350, Logitech G35, Razer Carcharias.

I'm thinking about picking up a pair of headphones PURELY for gaming because I already have an Auzentech Prelude card and Logitech Z5500 for everything else (movies, music,etc.) which is satisfactory for me especially since I got both for a sale price. I want a solid headset, I find steel series to be a little plastic-y and fragile.

Why do I think I need a headset? Gamer mentality lol, no just kidding ..sort of. But it's for late gaming nights or lan-parties, and I/members of my house, don't need to hear people trolling/swearing all over my house from my 5.1 setup. So I won't be using these headphones so much for music and movies.

I don't mind used as long as it's not gross, regarding price standpoint.

And hopefully this thread can turn into an UPDATED "best headset thread" since all the other ones are only when they come out and don't compare to other headsets.


Edit: I will be most likely be playing FPS games : L4D2, CS:S, CS 1.6, MOH, BF2, etc.etc.
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