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My System Specs

Default Audigy 2 NX Keeps disconnecting

I've got an Audigy 2 NX that keeps disconnecting for some reason. It will be playing sound normally and suddenly I'll get the device discconected message. It will work for days or hours and I'm forced to do a reboot when it happens, or switch back over to the onboard. The red mute light and the blue power light are on.

Atom 230 on an Intel DG945GCLF (HT enabled)
2 GB
Win XP Pro SP3
HD2400Pro (PCI - no HD audio)
Audigy 2 NX Software and firmware up to date
Audigy is plugged directly into the mainboard USB ports

I've tried a another USB cable and uninstalling the UAA drivers prior to installing the Creative drivers (I had a problem with them when I installed the Realtek drivers for the onboard so I figured it was worth a shot). There's no errors being generated in the system logs to point me towards anything. I don't have anohter system to test it on as my Craptop is only USB 1.0 and my main rig only has Vista/Win7 and I don't even think there's drivers for the newer OS'es. The BIOS settinsg for the USB seem to be correct. I'm trying the last thing I can think of right now, disabling the onboard sound via BIOS.
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