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Company: ASUS
Product: RT-N12 Router
Warranty: 2 years
Purchased: Sometime a year ago
RMAed: Oct 15 2919
Send to: Markham
Fees: Shipping ($10)
Ease: 8
Wait Time: 1 week
Satisfaction: 9

-Router stopped working.
-Had to search around for the RMA link on the website.
-RMA number was sent fairly quickly, but the RMA note was sent in an unformated wall of text. I had to copy and paste the message into word so it would be legible and readable. It doesn't make it very easy when they do this.
-Instructions asked me not to send the original box or any of the accessories.
-Once they got my router, it was a 3 day turnaround and they sent me a brand new in the box router.

Not sure why they didn't let me send the accessories. Now I have a spare power adapter.

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