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My System Specs


Thanks for the update, Biff, and excellent job as always. I kinda like the idea of a partially open design, though it would never fly in my house--my cats would absolutely destroy it.

One thing you didn't speak to, however, is the sound quality. What is the sound like with fully open backs? I guess losing bass isn't a big deal with a 12" sealed below, but does it drastically impact the midrange you get from the smaller woofers?

Once again, I look at what you've done and wish I had some more coin to finish up my center and surrounds...I've got those pretty cabinets just sitting there...<laugh>

Also, I'm curious to know if you design your own crossovers, or if you're working off someone else's design. Is it hard to add another speaker in to the loop?

Cheers, and as always, thanks for the education.
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