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Jeez, and I just bought a 480. Ah, well, it's only Fudzilla, eff 'em.

If anything, we'll see the 485. If there is a serious competitor to the 6-series, it'll be Feb/March by the time we see it. As for Kepler....Q2 2011? By NV's clock that's more like Christmas next year. This still kinda messes me up though. I'm gonna be on the lookout

One thing I wanted to touch on though. The GTX "580" - even if you took a 480 and unlocked that disabled core (oh how I wish) I bet it'd work anyway. I got a 480 and honestly heat's not that bad. Hit 95C when I stress-tested it on FurMark; but the rest of the time it lingers in the upper 80's.

Ironically, the fan only goes up to something stupid like 74% even at 100% load. I cranked it up to 100% in EVGA Precision and sure it was audible, but I couldn't hear it over me BLOWING UP SH*T IN JC2 WITH EVERYTHING MAXED OUT INCLUDING 32X CSAA!!! Moral of the story: Don't be a pussy, crank your fan. If you're using this in an HTPC and you need "silence," eat your heart out and get a 5450 or something. If you have your computer by your bed and need to sleep, TURN DOWN THE FAN WHEN IT'S IDLE, OR TURN OFF YOUR F-ING COMPUTER! IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!
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