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Originally Posted by ontariotl View Post
The only way for that to happen is the game developer to program it into their game. Since Eyefinity is starting to catch on, I wouldn't doubt that its a possibility for new games to start supporting this feature. For now, if I need to check my ammo and stats, I always have my G19 to fill me in with the details

I got the adaptor from the states. I had a buddy get one for me from Dell just before they went on backorder, and another one from the states that shipped to Canada overnight. Again they are out of stock as well. Now that I've upgraded to 3 27" Dell LCD's, I use the built in DP and sold the 2 adaptors.
Thanks very much for the info and link for the Active adapter! I registered to thankyou for that as well as ask a couple questions.

I have 1x Samsung 27" and 2x Samsung 24" and I just purchased the Powercolor Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6. According to my research, I will only need 1 active displayport to DVI and I can use the 2 DVI outputs straight out of the card(with the adapters..just not active).

Is this correct? Or will I need 3 active Displayport adapters in my case?

Thanks again for the info and the link to the adapter place. I bought one today.

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