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MM, I think what sagath is saying (and rightly so is) that saying "XYZ is the suxorz and ABC are teh rulerz" is kind of pointless (and lame). Neither AMD nor NV "rule" the graphics market Intel does if you look at it one way, NV does if you look at it another and if you look at it a THIRD way AMD does! Cherry picking your data to suit your own POV is being at best disingenuous and and worst trolling. DX11 is certainly the future BUT right now it is only a small portion of the marketplace. more to the point....who really cares who is "king" at the moment? Pick what best suits you needs and budget and be happy. Why do certain peeps feel the need to denigrate everything they DIDNT pick in order to make themselves and their purchase "better"? This certainly isn't limited to the GPU arena but damn it sure is rampant in this area! Yes let the big 3 go at it hammer and tongs like they hate each other...but having CONSUMERS with no financial stake in the matter doing it is...well SILLY.
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