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My System Specs


Looks like I'm picking a couple of these up: XLS-6 |

At first I wasn't too stoked about their response curve, I was aiming around 30 ish low and and def 21k top. But at the same time, I'm almost certain i can't hear top end anymore :P and they ARE bookshelf speakers, and 50 isn't all -that- bad in my mind, for this purpose anyways - especially considering I isolate my speakers so the low end does not bother the downstairs neighbour. I wouldn't be caught dead mixing on these though. But for the price, they are awesome and damn they look good.

Currently have not decided on a receiver, still researching so I won't pick the speakers up until I do make a receiver decision. I'm sticking with the 1200 for a turntable.

I'm thinking about doing a turntable mod and ripping it apart to paint match it to these Cerwins ;) maybe I'll do a build log lol.
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