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Default PC upgrades

Wasn't sure where to put this, covers many thread topics. Not exactly a new build, more of possible upgrades to a newish build.

Sooo, I'm lookg towards the future and wondering where to sink more money into my PC. Click my specs to see what I got so far. (smilies to break up text wall)

I know it's high air flow an all, but I'll eventually get another gtx470, maybe boxing week specials? So I'm wondering about temps. This badboy looks sweet: - Buy Scythe Kama Bay Plus 5.25 and can pm down to $20. Maybe swap the fan for a faster louder one and hook it up to a fan controller. I'm really liking the idea of a fan controller, but the huge fans on the 932 don't really need controlling, they can sit there all day without makind a peep.

The controller I'm looking at is this: - Buy Scythe Kaze Master Ace 5.25IN Bay 4 Fan Controller Black with Temperature and Fan Alarm - KM02-BK In Canada. so now I'm just thinking of what to fill it with. I got one of these: - Buy Coolermaster R4-L2R-20CR 120MM Red LED Case Fan 2000RPM 90CFM 19DBA 3/4 Pin - r4-l2r-20cr In Canada. as a second fan on my 212 heat sink, it's a little noisy when im just browsing so I'm thinking of hooking that up, as well as the one in the 5.25" bay, that leaves me with 2 empties, so I'll hook up the rear exhaust and then maybe jerry rig the fan that came with the 5.25" fan bay to be pointing at my gpu(s).

How does this sound? Around $55 after pricematching...

Next upgrade I thought about was this: - Buy Diamond TV Wonder 650 Theater PCI-E TV Tuner Card ATSC NTSC HDTV FM - TVW650PCIEV In Canada. price match can bring it down to $55, and It will fit nicely in my PCIe x1 slot above my x16 slots. Thinking about gettinga desktop TV, but those are expensive so a large monitor would be a lot better/more useful to me. Anybody have any experience with TV tuners, good or bad?

Finally also thinking into the future, getting a dedicated physx card. Can I run sli on a sabertoothx58 and use the last PCIe x16 slot (at x4) to run a physx card? If possible, it would have to be a single slot card due to the board/case layouts.

Thanks, look forward to your replies! (it's boring at work today)
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