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So an update!

Almost got the build done before I moved but it didn't happen. So after moving and getting settled in I ventured off and tried my hand at doing a design myself, which used these drivers. It's still a work in progress... crossover design is A LOT more involved then I initially thought. But I'm really happy where I am now and I'm sure it will get a bit better before I'm done. OK not an update, more like a lateral move.

Here's where I am now. It uses the 7" drivers that were supposed to be for the build I started with. The tweeter is the aluminum version of the tweeter that was supposed to go in the original build. They are very similar. and the bottom is anchored by a 12". this 12" is purpose designed (and I was originally using them as such) as a subwoofer. But people are starting to realize that they are capable of working in more complex systems as well. So I used them because I had them.

The design is called an open baffle design. The mids (the 7"ers) just sit on the baffle that has 4" 'wings' on it but are open in the back but the 12" is in a sealed box. Here's some pics. Pardon the insulation/poly bag walls, I'm a bit off finishing my man cave.

A couple to show what they look like. They are 15" wide and 50" tall.

And here's a pic of the crossover. It's a few revisions ago but you get the idea but it also shows what I'm talking about them being open at the back.

This was just tossed together for 'proof of concept' so they will be put into a prettier cab at some point.

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