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May I suggest visiting Canada Best Water Cooling Store

You can PM Dazmode for questions, he's really quick to respond and very helpful.

Pump: as suggested a D5 or DDC (350/355) pump with a custom top (makes it quieter and perform slightly better).

Tubing : now you need to chose tubing size. 3/8ID - 1/2OD or 1/2OD - 3/4OD. 3/8 is easier to bend and the added size doesn't add better flow, or barely from what has been tested.

Fittings : barbs or compression. Barbs are easier to work with and cost less, compressions look better and do not require some kind of clamping. Barbs will need clamps or zipties to hold the tube on top of the barb. Fitting size will depend on tubing size.

Blocks : personally I like the EK blocks, but thats up to you, HK, Koolance and EK make really nice and good quality blocks, it's more what pleases you more.

Res : Bay res, normal res or T-line. Depends on your taste and placement of the rest of components. Bay res is harder to fill/drain, but I like'em a lot for looks!

Rad : Your choice there.

Fans : Usually one with good CFM and static pressure to push or pull air through the rad, maybe a fan controller could be a worthy investment for so many fans, makes it easier to manage.

Depending on res placement and choice, I suggest you make a drain port somewhere in your loop, usually at it's lowest point for easy draining.

And Watercooling is addictive, but so worth it, and so fun!
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