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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Well, ripped my precious rig apart to make it more precious again.

Current changes: (Old ---> New)

1. 2x GTX 285s water cooled ---> 2x GTX 460s 1GB air cooled (until Xmas..WC at that time)

2. Alphacool Niagara ---> Heatkiller 3.0 Cu

3. Bay Res ---> EK 150 multioption tube res

4. Swiftech 655 ---> Swiftech 655 with EK Top v2

5. HAF 932 ---> ATCS 840

Also picked up a few compression fittings for the first time (any advice on using these?) Also not using a fan controller. I just kept the last controller on full anyways.

Also cleaned out the rad with very hot water until the water was clear. Using distilled water with Dazmode protector (glycol?)

Hopefully I have her leak testing tomorrow night and ready to fold by the weekend.
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