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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
That's what I did back then, but I mounted the GPUs top-side. Damn I miss that XLR8 GX2.
Though I'd love to do something like that, my baby tends to think of my things as his "bitches" and I'm afraid he'll find a way to spill OJ, milk or even worse, exercise unabated wanton destruction on it regardless where I try to hide it.

I'm now leaning towards the Lian Li PC-P50WB which is the PC-K62's brother, the only difference is the aluminum build of the P50 + the K62s rotated drive cage. It's more practical to get the K62 I know, and the best solution is to get the bigger Xaser VI really, but the P50 is just so elegant looking while being slOtty at the same time. I'm a sucker for such things so I'm sold. I just hope the 460's won't roast, otherwise I might have to punch a hole in the window for an additional fan or get the aftermarket sidepanel that Lancool/Lian-Li sells.

Thanks everyone!

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