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My System Specs


I amlost forget,,,where are our manner...Welcome to the forum! Hope you like the place;)

Originally Posted by Ikthus View Post
I'd say upgrade your CPU or try and overclock it to at least 3GHz...what problems are you having exactly?

I don't think getting a GTX 460 right now would make any difference when your CPU will probably hold it back.

Lol no a E7200 can handle a 460 without issue.

I would sell your CPU/ MOBO/ RAM so that will add a bit to your budget then buy a new CPU MOBO RAM in core I5 with a new video card. Everything will fit in budget and you will have a like new computer. Keep your 8800 for physix ( damn did I really say that ) ho god. Maybe you will be some day or few week without a comp but it`s worth the upgrade. How many of us have done it before.
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