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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
I must miss something here, because you recommend me a G.Skill Phoenix Pro instead of a Corsair because its supposed to not be a crippled SF.

The PRO model is a more recent addition that is down right odd. Gskill recently paid for the custom firmware for that model and that model only. So the "Phoenix PRO" line is NOW the same as the Vertex 2. Kinda confusing ain't it...and to make things even WORSE when it first came out it didnt have the full speed firmware (or so I have heard, might just be a rumor). When I made that recommendation it was based on the information I had...which was it was just another typical SF crippled drive.

This is why SF needs a good smack in the back of the head as screwing with firmware like this is NOT helping SSDs get mainstream acceptance.
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