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something is pushing the fan on 100 on the new rig. and its software, i believe. the chance that it gets hard locked on 100% speed profile would be quite hard. next step(after dealing with soft and following rj's advice)

would be to get yourself the bios and mod it. i know i had to do it on a few cards that would ramp up more than i would like.

you can find nbitor here : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 470 465 460 ATI Radeon HD 5970 5870 5850 5830 :: MVKTech :: On the Edge of Technology

and nvflash here : techPowerUp! :: Downloads

i suggest you do it in dos mode, and learn how to blindly in case you screw something up. when editing the bios, look for the gren button. anything but green and its messed up. do not,for the love of god, touch memory timings and the like.

if you wish you could edit the stock voltage if the msi tool doesn't allow you to do it in windows.
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